Alamo Heights Tree Service

At San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we provide tree service to properties throughout Alamo Heights and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of services to accommodate your tree needs and have the licensing, certification, and training that you can count on.

Alamo Heights Tree Experts

San Antonio Tree Surgeons has more than 20 years of experience in the tree service industry. This ensures the homeowner that your trees are always in good hands. Our staff includes four certified arborists with the latest training and certifications. The rest of our staff, such as climbers, have undergone extensive training as well, including from arborists.

We ensure that members of our team are up-to-date on the latest industry innovations as well as various methods.

Licensed and Insured

We aim to make your Alamo Heights tree service stress-free for you, which is one of the many reasons that we are licensed and insured. Not only do we have the appropriate licensing for the City of San Antonio, but we are also members of various organizations, including the San Antonio Arborist Association and ISA.

Our insurance prevents you from liability due to tree services with us. This provides peace of mind and confidence whether we are tackling a simple project or completing a dangerous tree removal.

All of Your Tree Care Needs

San Antonio Tree Surgeons prides itself on offering the full range of tree-related services that Alamo Heights needs. We sell high-quality trees that are available from October through April. Our certified arborists evaluate and diagnose your trees, treat trees, provide trimming, remove trees, and grind stumps. Take a closer look at some of our tree services in more detail.

Tree Trimming In Alamo Heights

Our tree trimming services are always performed by professionals with extensive training and experience. Tree trimming should always be done by professionals, there are risks to you and the tree when not done correctly.

Tree trimming frequently involves climbing trees to reach the branches that require trimming. At these heights, a slip can be disastrous and end with a trip to the hospital. Our experts know the safest ways to trim trees and have the appropriate safety gear to minimize the risk. We are also fully insured if something does happen.

Trimming trees can be harmful to the tree since leaving open wounds can invite pests and diseases into the tree. Our professional team knows the best ways to trim trees to minimize the risk of infection and promote quick healing. Of course, we have strategies in place to prevent limbs from falling uncontrolled and damaging your property or people.

In addition to trees, we can also trim hedges.

Alamo Heights Tree Removal

Tree removal can be dangerous due to falling branches and potential injuries to the person doing the trimming.  You do not have to worry about damaging the tree as it will be removed.

Just like with trimming, our team’s knowledge of safety and techniques, along with our professional gear, allows us to complete the job efficiently and safely. You will not have to worry about trying to remove the tree yourself and accidentally injuring yourself, nor will you have to worry about falling branches damaging your property.

We regularly remove trees that are dead or dying, as well as those that are simply no longer part of the property owner’s ideal landscape. If you would rather keep a tree but are not sure whether that is possible, our Alamo Heights team can even evaluate it for you and let you know if removal or treatment is the best option. We can even sell and plant you a new tree after removal.

Arborist Services

Tree Trimming In Alamo HeightsSpeaking of evaluating your Alamo Heights trees, this is one of our many arborist services at San Antonio Tree Surgeons. Our arborists can help you take care of your trees in a range of ways, from diagnosing diseases and insects to providing a treatment plan to overcome those problems.

Because of their training, our certified arborists can more easily spot a potential health concern with your tree. This allows you to begin treatment early before the problem worsens.

Tree Sales

Did you decide you want more shade on your property or to get a fruit tree? Maybe you want to redo your landscape or replace that tree that you had to remove. Our team can assist you with tree sales.

We will gladly suggest trees that grow best in Alamo Heights and that match your needs, whether you want flowers, fruit, or shade, no matter the size of tree you want. When we sell you a tree, you can count on it being of high quality, as we only use trusted suppliers and carefully evaluate trees before selling them. When we install the trees, they come with a one-year warranty.

Tree Treatment

As mentioned, part of our arborist services include treating trees. Most of our staff has enough knowledge to assist with a range of treatments and with 5 certified arborists on staff. We can typically create an arborist-developed treatment plant promptly.

Our treatment typically evolves by evaluating the problem, from compacted soil to insufficient water to the use of harsh chemical fertilizers. From there, we come up with a treatment plan and follow it carefully, ensuring you understand what steps you have to take.

Stump Grinding

While some people like to keep tree stumps on their property to turn into seating or a table, most people prefer to remove those eyesores. Stumps can ruin the landscape and pose a safety hazard, but many removal methods leave behind a hole, which is a different safety hazard.

San Antonio Tree Surgeons offers Alamo Heights residents stump grinding. This will leave you with a flat surface on your landscape, making it safer and easier to reuse.

Keep our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team in mind for all of your tree service needs in Alamo Heights and the surrounding area.