Blanco Tree Service

San Antonio Tree Surgeons proudly offers tree service to Blanco property owners, whether you need to maintain or treat your trees, need tree removal, need new trees, or require other services related to trees.

Blanco Arborists You Can Trust

Blanco tree trimming jobWith more than 20 years of industry experience, your trees and the rest of your landscape is in good hands when you choose to work with our team. We are insured, licensed, and have certified arborists on the team to give you added confidence in all of our services.

We give you plenty of reasons to trust our team, as well as our company as a whole. Our insurance prevents you from being liable in case of unlikely problems that occur during our services. We are a City of San Antonio licensed tree service, so you know that we follow all of the local regulations. San Antonio Tree Surgeons also has important memberships, including the San Antonio Arborist Association and the ISA, both of which have strict requirements for members.

No matter the tree service you have us provide, you can also trust that we will make safety a priority. Our team of climbers is incredibly comfortable up on trees and we use the latest safety gear. Between our gear, training, and experience, every member of our team knows how to stay safe while trimming or removing trees. We also know how to keep those on the ground safe and how to minimize damage to items you have on the ground, from lawn furniture to cars.

A Full Range of Tree Services In Blanco

No matter the type of tree services that your Blanco property needs, San Antonio Tree Surgeons can assist you. We will gladly take care of small projects like trimming hedges to major projects such as pruning multiple trees. We can remove deadwood or entire trees and grind down stumps. Or we can help you choose new trees for your property, then sell and plant them for you. No matter how simple or complicated your required tree services are, we will treat them like a priority.

Tree Trimming in Blanco

One of our most popular services is tree trimming in Blanco. We always meet high professional standards when trimming trees, prioritizing the health of your trees while also meeting your goals.

Do you need the canopy raised to avoid power lines? Need ground clearance for your car or a walkway? Do you need dead or sick branches removed? Are your trees just spreading out too much? San Antonio Tree Surgeons can assist you with all of these situations.

During the tree trimming process, we use our skills and knowledge to plan the cuts carefully, maximizing your trees’ chances of a speedy recovery. Without this care, it is easy to accidentally leave your tree open to infection, which could be detrimental to its health.

Tree Removal

More Tree Trimming in BlancoAt some point, you may need tree removal service in Blanco. Our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team is ready to assist you with this as well, taking the same care we would with any of our other services.

There are multiple situations where you may want tree removal. Maybe your tree is unhealthy to the point of dying or a certified arborist thinks it is unlikely to recover. Maybe its health problems could spread to other trees on your property if you do not remove it. Or maybe you just want to change the landscape.

No matter the reason for your tree removal, our team takes the utmost care to minimize the risk of injury and the damage to your property. You can also count on us leaving your property clean, without stray branches, twigs, and leaves spread everywhere.

Blanco Arborists

Blanco Tree TrimmingWith four certified arborists on our team, San Antonio Tree Surgeons is perfectly equipped to provide certified arborist services in Blanco. Our arborists can use their expertise in a range of ways to help your trees and landscape thrive.

Our arborists can evaluate your trees and diagnose any potential problems, from diseases to insects to watering problems to issues with the soil. Based on their expertise, our team will suggest a treatment that can save your tree and bring it back to full health. In some cases, our arborists may suggest removing the tree, if it is unlikely to be saved.

Tree Sales

When it comes time to buy a new tree for your property, San Antonio Tree Surgeons is here to help. We can provide you with advice on which trees will work best on your property, based on your soil, sunlight, watering habits, and your priorities. Whether you prioritize maximum shade, flowering trees, or something that will not take up much room when fully grown, we have plenty of options for you.

We not only sell you trees, but we install them with a one-year warranty. We carefully select all of the trees for health, so they can last a long time on your property. Of course, we will also let you know about any maintenance requirements while the tree is still young or recently transplanted.

Tree Treatment

Our tree treatment services go hand in hand with our arborist services in many ways. Members of our team can follow the treatment instructions outlined by our certified arborists for your particular trees. Additionally, all of our team is familiar with basic tree treatment techniques, from appropriate watering to proper use of fertilizer.

Stump Grinding

After our tree removal services, we will ask if you want us to grind the stump as well. We also offer stump grinding for stumps that have been on your property for a while or when the tree was removed by another company. With stump grinding, you do not have to figure out how to incorporate the stump into your landscape. Instead, you are left with a flat area that eliminates the signs of the stump.

Contact San Antonio Tree Surgeons for your Blanco tree service needs and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.