Conks And Fungi on Tree In San Antonio

Conks And Fungi In Trees In San Antonio

12 Jan, 2015

As a San Antonio resident or tree professional, it is important to be aware of the various types of disease which can affect the local tree population. Conks and fungi are two of the most common forms of these issues...

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Historic Live Oak San Antonio Tx

Caring For San Antonio’s Historic Trees

15 Dec, 2014

Like any area of the country, San Antonio has many trees within the city. Some of these are younger trees while others are historic trees that have been in the city for generations. Most people are able to care for...

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Hypoxylyn Canker

Drought Stress And Hypoxylon Canker

3 May, 2014

As most San Antonio residents know, we have been under drought conditions for several years now. The result of this drought has taken an extreme toll on the trees here in Central Texas. There is a cumulative effect that begins...

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Tree Trimming Being Performed in San Antonio

Four Signs You Should Call A Tree Service

5 Mar, 2014

As a homeowner, your trees are your responsibility so it is important to know when to call a tree service. The problem is that sometimes it can be hard to tell if there is actually a problem with the tree...

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San Antonio Tree Removal

Reasons To Hire A Tree Service

5 Mar, 2014

Most homeowners have trees on their property. Despite this, many homeowners will never call a tree service company unless they feel it is absolutely necessary. While it is especially important to hire the services of trained tree professionals in emergency...

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