Boerne Tree Service

San Antonio Tree Surgeons is proud to offer a range of tree services to those in and around Boerne. We take care of all your tree-related needs and let you take advantage of more than 20 years of industry experience.

You can count on us to deliver quality service, as we make it a point to maintain licensing as a tree service by the City of San Antonio. We are also members of both the San Antonio Arborist Association and the ISA.

Our staff includes four certified arborists. In addition to this, our climbers receive ongoing training from arborists, to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest ANSI standards and tree trimming techniques. Choosing to hire our team also gives you peace of mind as we are fully insured.

Tree Services Offered In Boerne

At San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we offer a full range of tree services. Our certified arborists and other highly-trained and experienced team members can assist you with tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, tree sales, tree treatment, and even hedge trimming.

Boerne Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming In BoerneOne of the most popular services we offer Boerne residents is tree trimming. Tree trimming and pruning helps to maintain your tree’s health and beauty. This is an often-overlooked part of regular tree maintenance as it promotes the plant’s health.

You should always leave tree trimming to the professionals, as this job involves climbing and careful cuts. Our team is experienced and has the necessary training and safety gear to ensure that everyone involved stays safe. At the same time, their knowledge allows them to prune the trees in a way that minimizes potentially damage to them.

Boerne property owners hire us to trim their trees for a range of reasons. Sometimes we prune them to remove dead wood, as this can pose a fall risk. Our San Antonio Tree Surgeon team can also trim your trees to raise the canopy and provide additional clearance.

Tree Removal Service

Our team at San Antonio Tree Surgeons typically prefers situations where trees are left in place, but sometimes tree removal is unavoidable. Many people choose to remove a tree if it is unhealthy and poses a safety risk, or a health risk to other trees. Others may need trees removed due to landscaping changes or safety hazards. You do not even need a reason to have your tree removed.

No matter the reason for tree removal, our team will come to your Boerne property and evaluate then remove the tree for you. If you want to save the tree, we will let you know if it is possible or removal is ideal.

During the tree removal process, we make safety a priority, using the proper safety gear and taking appropriate precautions. We not only consider the health of our team up in the trees but also those on the ground. We also consider where branches will fall and whether those falls could damage property or cause injuries. Thanks to our safety precautions, damage and injuries are unlikely to occur.

You do not have to worry about us leaving a mess behind either. When we remove a tree, we remove all of it, including the branches and leaves left on the ground. You will appreciate your yard looking clean and free from fallen debris when we are done. We can even supplement tree removal with stump grinding.

Stump Grinding

If you have a stump on your property, this can be an eyesore and a safety hazard. Whether or not our team removed the tree on your Boerne property, we can grind the stump to remove it. The grinding process is the best method of ensuring your landscape is smooth afterwards. Grinding stumps does not result in any holes, so you do not have to worry about finding material to fill in the non-existent hole or it becoming a safety hazard.

Arborists In Boerne

Boerne Tree Service

While some types of tree service can be handled by anyone with some basic training, you will always get the best results when dealing with certified arborists, as they are truly experts in the field. This is why we offer arborist services and ensure are climbers are arborist-trained.

Arborists can use their knowledge, training, and experience to identify potential problems with your trees and create a recommended treatment to overcome them. This is a very important service as certain tree problems can easily spread and affect other trees on your property.

From disease to insects, our certified arborists can diagnose problems early, giving you the best chance of successfully treating the issue. By not giving the problems time to worsen, treatment also becomes easier and more affordable.

Tree Treatment

Our Boerne services also extend to tree treatment. If our arborists find a pest infestation or disease, they will come up with an effective treatment plan to help your trees regain their health. Our treatment services also extend to diagnosing and correcting issues due to inappropriate fertilizer use, planting just one species, using harmful pesticides, too little or too much water, and compacted soil, among other causes.

Tree Sales

If you have decided that your property needs some more greenery, San Antonio Tree Surgeons also gladly offers tree sale services to Boerne. We only sell high-quality trees and they come with a one-year warranty.

All of our tree sales only feature high-quality trees that have been vetted by our professionals. Our arborists can even provide you with advice as to which type of tree will do best on your property and fit your goals, whether you want shade, fruit, or something else out of your tree.

Hedge Trimming

Although our focus at San Antonio Tree Surgeons is on trees, we also offer other services, such as hedge trimming. This service helps clean up your property and allows you to shape your hedges for maximum aesthetic value. Our trimming can also help with hedge maintenance, promoting the health of your plants.

The next time that you are in need of tree services in Boerne, contact our team at San Antonio Tree Surgeons.