Bulverde Tree Service

Bulverde residents turn to San Antonio Tree Surgeons for their tree service needs. We are proud to offer a range of tree services, along with training, certification, experience, and licensing to give you confidence.

Our Team of Tree Experts In Bulverde

All tree service companies claim to have experience and knowledge, but not everyone has the facts to back these claims up. At San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we have more than two decades of experience in the industry. This is more than enough to give you extra confidence in our abilities.

Additionally, we have four certified arborists on our staff. To achieve that certification, these arborists underwent extensive training and then proved their skills in the certification exam. The remaining members of our staff also have relevant training, and in many cases, parts of this training come straight from certified arborists.

We also make it a point to stay up to date with the latest industry innovations, from methods and techniques to tools and knowledge. This way, we can always provide those in Bulverde and the surrounding areas with the efficient, high-quality service they have come to expect from San Antonio Tree Surgeons.

Insured and Licensed

You always want to choose a tree service company that is licensed and insured, as this provides you with confidence. San Antonio Tree Surgeons checks both of these boxes. Our insurance gives you the confidence of knowing that you will not be held liable in the rare case that something goes wrong. This can be particularly reassuring on larger or more dangerous projects.

We are also fully licensed, which lets you know that we comply with all of the local laws. We are licensed with the City of San Antonio and allowed to legally work in the surrounding areas, including Bulverde. San Antonio Tree Surgeons is also a member of both the ISA and the San Antonio Arborist Association, both of which have strict requirements for membership so only quality companies or arborists can join.

Our Tree Service In Bulverde

We are proud to offer Bulverde residents with a full range of tree services. Our certified arborists can diagnose your trees and come up with a treatment plan. We can sell you new trees and plant them for you. We can trim trees and hedges in a way that is safe for all people involved, the plants, and other items on your property. We can also remove trees, complete with optional stump grinding to leave a level surface behind.

Arborists Services For Bulverde

With four certified arborists on our team, San Antonio Tree Surgeons is glad to provide Bulverde with arborist services. These services let you take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our arborists.

Our arborists can evaluate your trees to check for insects or disease. They can use their knowledge to spot issues such as improper irrigation, damage from compacted soil, or another problem.

Hiring a certified arborist gives you the chance to catch potential issues early, before they get out of hand. This can be the difference between saving a tree from a disease and not only losing that one, but having the disease spread to the surrounding trees as well.

Treating Trees

Once our arborists create a plan of action to take care of your tree, our team will provide you with the tree treatment you need. We will work to resolve your tree’s problems so it remains healthy and does not have to be removed.

Tree Trimming In Bulverde

Tree Trimming In Bulverde

One of our most popular services in Bulverde is trimming trees. Despite the temptation, you should never attempt to trim trees yourself, as this requires skill as well as familiarity working at heights.

Our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team is comfortable working at the heights required to correctly trim trees, thanks to our experience and training. Our climbers have training from arborists so they know the proper way to cut trees and how to stay safe. This helps you avoid a trip to the hospital from a fall or fallen branch, either of which could be a risk if you tried to trim your trees yourself.

Keep in mind that tree trimming must also be done properly to minimize the risk to the trees. Our team knows how to make cuts to improve the trees ability to heal quickly, which reduces the risk of disease and pests.

Whether trimming trees or removing them completely, we also know how to safely lower the cut branches in a way that minimizes damage to your property and anyone nearby. Our team can trim hedges as well as trees.

Tree Removal

While tree trimming is sometimes enough to give you the desired clearance or keep a tree healthy, removal is sometimes necessary. You do not even need a reason to remove a tree. Our certified arborists can also let you know if you should remove a tree or if it is still safe to keep on your property. The same safety concerns exist with tree removal, especially when cutting down the higher parts of the tree.

Our training, experience, and comfort working on trees allows us to safely and fully remove your trees. Once we are done, we always clean up your property to remove stray branches, twigs, and leaves that may have fallen during our work.

Grinding Stumps

Many people have stumps on their property from tree removal. Whether we removed the tree on your Bulverde property, another company did, or the stump has been there for years, we can assist with stump grinding. This service fully removes the stump, leaving you with a flat surface on your landscape.

Tree Planting

Sometimes, you will not want to remove a tree but have to anyway. In this case, we can help you with tree sales after the removal. We can also assist with tree sales anytime that you want to add a tree to your property.

As part of our tree sales, we ensure that the trees in question are healthy and of high-quality. We can provide you with advice to help you choose trees. Our experts will gladly go over everything about the tree from its soil, water, and light requirements to how large it will get and whether it will bear fruit and/or flowers. Let us know what you want from a tree and we can also offer suggestions.

The next time you need Bulverde tree service, contact our team at San Antonio Tree Surgeons.