Canyon Lake Tree Service

At San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we proudly provide a full range of tree services to those in Canyon Lake and the surrounding areas. No matter your tree needs, we are ready to assist you, including on residential and commercial properties.

Tree Trimming In Canyon Lake

Tree Service In Canyon Lake

Live Oak Tree Trimming In Canyon Lake

Tree trimming is among our most popular tree services in Canyon Lake. All of our tree trimmers are highly trained, so they know how to make cuts that minimize the stress on your tree and promote healing.

Our tree trimming services can improve the aesthetics of your trees, but they can also enhance their health. We commonly trim dead or dying branches as well as trim back branches that are getting too close to roofs or power lines. We can also trim your Canyon Lake trees to give you more clearance for cars or pedestrians.

Hedge Trimming

As the name implies, San Antonio Tree Surgeons focuses on caring for trees, but we also offer other related services, including hedge trimming. As with our tree trimming, our hedge trimming involves careful cuts that are in the best interest of your plant’s health.

Hedge trimming can be a great way to maintain the health of your hedges, letting you remove overgrown or sick portions. Our hedge trimming services are also very popular for aesthetic reasons, and we can trim the hedges to be as wide or narrow as you want, as well as trim them to your preferred height.

Dead Tree Removal

Tree Removal At Home In Canyon LakeSometimes, there is a tree on your Canyon Lake property that you no longer want. Maybe it is dead or dying to the point of being a fall risk. Or maybe it is sick and could infect other healthy trees. Perhaps it is not contagious but it is sick and unlikely to heal so our arborist recommended you remove it. Or maybe you just do not want that particular tree anymore.

No matter the reason that you want the tree off your property, our team will gladly take care of it for you. As with all of our services, we always make safety a priority during tree removal, taking the proper precautions so no one gets injured from falling branches and none of our team falls while up in the tree.

Our tree removal services also include cleaning up the area afterwards. In other words, you will not be left with unsightly piles of branches or leaves and twigs spread randomly around your property. Thanks to our experience, we are able to safely remove trees of any size, even those in tough situations.

Stump Grinding

If you want, we can supplement our tree removal services with stump grinding. This is a convenient way to remove unsightly, inconvenient, or even dangerous stumps that are taking up valuable room on your landscape.

We grind the stump down to six inches below the grade. This gives the ground enough space to heal, so you can use it for nearly anything else. You can grow other plants on the spot or just encourage grass to grow in.

Removing Ball Moss

If you have ball moss on your tree, you should know that it is not a parasite, but we still suggest you remove it. Our team can easily identify ball moss and remove it in a way that maximizes the health of the tree in question.

Overcoming Drought

Because of our location in Canyon Lake and the local weather, our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team is also ready to help you overcome drought. We can provide extra care to help your trees overcome the drought, diagnose and treat problems related to drought, and even suggest drought-resistant trees to plant on your property.

Tree Treatment

Removing ball moss and overcoming drought are just some of the tree treatment services we offer. If you notice anything unusual with your trees, we encourage you to have our certified arborists take a look. Every member of our team also has the experience to identify a full range of potential problems, although we typically suggest you make an appointment with our arborist for tree treatment.

Arborist Services In Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake Arborist

Arborist Performing Tree Injections In Canyon Lake

Our Canyon Lake arborist services are the backbone of many of our other tree services. With four certified arborists on the team, we are able to set up your arborist appointments within a short time-frame.

We have a range of arborist services, and our arborists are frequently involved in many of our other Canyon Lake tree services. They can help with tree diagnosis, tree treatment, and even help you choose which trees to plant on your property.

Tree Sales

Speaking of choosing trees for your property, San Antonio Tree Surgeons proudly sells and installs trees for Canyon Lake residents and property owners. We carefully source of all our trees and check them to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

You can choose among our trees yourself or ask for advice. We will gladly provide as much or as little advice as you need. If you want help, we can guide you to the tree that best fits your requirements based on factors like soil, irrigation needs, shade, whether it bears fruits or flowers, and if it is native to Canyon Lake.

Why Canyon Lake Chooses Us?

Out of the various Canyon Lake tree service options, San Antonio Tree Surgeons stands out from the crowd with our experience and expertise. We have more than 20 years of industry experience, during which time we have built up a strong reputation in the community.

Working with us gives you services by professionals, including four certified arborists. We ensure that every member of our team is up to date on the latest training and industry standards. This includes our climbers, who receive ongoing training directly from arborists so they are familiar with ANSI standards and the latest tree-trimming techniques.

San Antonio Tree Surgeons is licensed as a tree service by the City of San Antonio. We are also fully insured and members of two prominent and exclusive industry organizations, the San Antonio Arborist Association and the ISA.

If you find yourself in need of Canyon Lake tree services, contact us at San Antonio Tree Surgeons.