Converse Tree Service

At San Antonio Tree Service, we encourage Converse property owners to take advantage of all our tree service offerings. We can help you with a full range of tree services, from tree removal to treatment to sales.

Why San Antonio Tree Surgeons?

Tree Service In ConverseWe give you plenty of reasons to trust our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team, starting with our insurance, licensing, and 20 years of experience. We have a strong reputation in the community and surrounding areas, which we have worked hard to earn over the past two decades.

There are four certified arborists on our team, allowing us to offer extensive arborist services in a timely manner for Converse residents. In addition to the certified arborists, all of our team members have extensive training and remain up-to-date on the latest techniques, tools, and innovations in the industry.

Gain extra confidence in our licensing, as we are a licensed tree service with the City of San Antonio. We are also members of both the ISA and San Antonio Arborist Association. Both of those organizations have strict membership requirements, so our membership shows off our expertise in the field. We are also fully insured, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Hiring San Antonio Tree Surgeons to take care of your Converse property also eliminates any safety concerns you may have. Working with trees is dangerous due to the height involved and the potential size of falling branches. Between our training, experience, and safety gear, every single member of our team knows how to remain safe while working on trees. This knowledge not only helps prevent injuries to our team, but it also minimizes the risk to anyone nearby, such as you, your family, or passersby. It also minimizes the risk of damage to your property.

Our Converse Tree Services

San Antonio Tree Surgeons prides ourselves on offering a full selection of tree services in Converse and the surrounding areas. This way, you can hire us to take care of all your tree needs, without having to find anyone else. We can trim hedges or trees, even large-scale pruning of multiple trees. We can grind down stumps, remove full trees, or remove just the dead or dying parts of trees. We can sell you new trees and plant them them. Our arborists can diagnose and treat your trees.

No tree service task is too large or too small for our team.

Tree Sales

If you have decided that it is time to plant another tree or multiple trees on your property, let us assist you. We know which trees do best in Converse or are native to the area. We can also guide you towards trees that provide shade, fruit, or flowers, or those that meet your ideal size requirements. Before you choose a tree, we will ensure that you are aware of any special care it will require, especially right after planting or transplanting. This way, you will be fully satisfied and informed about your new tree.

In addition to offering advice, we can also sell you the trees. All of our trees are inspected by our team before planting and they have a one-year warranty when we install them for you.

Converse Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is among the most popular of our Converse services. You may need a tree canopy raised to prevent interference with power lines or the risk of wind pushing branches into your roof. Maybe you need ground clearance for a walkway or car. Maybe you need us to remove dead branches. You do not even need a reason to hire us for tree trimming.

Just let our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team know your goal with the trimming and we will do the rest. We can even work with you to decide what parts of your trees to trim. No matter the scale of our trimming or pruning project, you can trust that we will make careful cuts that promote healing. This reduces the risk of an open wound leaving your trees open to pests or disease.

In addition to tree trimming, we also offer hedge trimming services in Converse.

Arborist Services in Converse

Our certified arborists are happy to provide you with insights based on their skills, knowledge, and certification. Our arborists can use their expertise and training to identify why your tree is not thriving and come up with a way to overcome the problem.

Our arborists can also use that knowledge to spot potential issues early on, before they get worse and make it too hard to save your tree. Spotting problems early via inspections can extend the life of your trees, as well as saving you time and money, since most problems are easier to treat early on.

Tree Treatment

Tree treatment goes together with our arborist services to some extent. All of our team members have the skills to assist with basic tree treatment, such as troubleshooting watering or soil problems. For more advanced problems, we will likely suggest an arborist evaluation. In fact, it is always wise to have our arborists come up with tree treatment plans, as they are unlikely to miss a problem.

Tree Removal

While we obviously have a passion for trees, we recognize that they occasionally need to be removed. This is another one of our many services in Converse.

Sometimes, our certified arborists will suggest tree removal for the health of your landscape as a whole, or if a tree is unlikely to recover from its condition. Others times you may want a tree removed for your own reasons.

Regardless of the reason for a tree removal in Converse, our team will gladly take care of it for you, always following the proper safety techniques. At the end, we will also clean up the area, so you are not left with a pile of leaves, twigs, or even branches to dispose of. We take care of the bits of tree left behind, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Stump Grinding

After we remove your tree, we can also grind the stump. This gets rid of the potential safety hazard on your landscape and leaves you a flat, safe surface.

The next time you need tree services in Converse, contact San Antonio Tree Surgeons.