Helotes Tree Service

At San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we are proud to provide those in Helotes and the surrounding areas with tree services. We encourage you to contact us for all of your tree needs, from tree sales to arborist services.

A Tree Service Company You Can Count On

Our certified arborist services come from the four certified arborists on our staff. All of our team members have extensive training and experience, with arborists providing our climbers with ongoing training. This ensures that our team is always familiar with the most recent tree trimming techniques as well as ANSI standards.

For further peace of mind, San Antonio Tree Surgeons maintains licensing with the City of San Antonio as a tree service. We also have memberships with the ISA and San Antonio Arborist Association. Of course, our company is fully insured as well, so you do not have to worry about liabilities.

Our Tree Services In Helotes

We aim to be your one-stop company for all of your Helotes tree service needs. We take care of tree trimming as well as tree removal, with or without stump grinding. We offer arborists services and tree treatment as well as tree sales and hedge trimming.

Helotes Arborists

Due to the complex nature of trees, major decisions regarding them are left to the professionals. That is why we offer arborist services from our certified arborists. Remember that in addition to our arborists themselves, our climbers and other team members are trained by arborists, sharing some of their knowledge.

Our arborist services can vary greatly depending on the type of expert information or advice you need. Our arborists commonly evaluate trees that are not growing properly or show signs of a problem to discover the source of the issue. They will determine whether a disease or infestation is causing problems or if another factor is to blame, such as improper watering or fertilizer use.

From there, our arborists determine the best course of action to bring your trees back to optimal health. One of the primary goals of our arborists is to catch any problems early, before they get even harder to resolve.

Tree Treatment

In many cases, our arborist services lead directly to tree treatment. Treatment will work to resolve the underlying issue that caused problems for your tree. There may be problems due to improper watering, compacted soil, inappropriate fertilizer use, using harsh pesticides, or even just planting a single species.

The treatment suggested by our arborists will always be in the best interests of your Helotes trees, working towards the goal of preserving them.

Stump Grinding

Whether you recently had us remove a tree or your property has had a stump on it for as long as you can remember, our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team can remove it for you. We use stump grinding, as this method gets rid of all of the stump and does not leave any holes behind. This way, your landscape is left smooth and flat, preventing safety concerns and minimizing trip hazards.

Tree Removal

In some situations, you may need a tree removed from your Helotes property. Maybe a tree poses a safety hazard. Perhaps you want to change around your landscape. Maybe the tree is dead or dying, posing a risk of injuries. Or maybe it is infected and you do not want the problem to spread to other trees on your property.

You do not need to tell us the reason you want the tree removed unless you choose to. Our arborists can even evaluate your trees to help you determine if they need to be removed or if they can be treated.

During the tree removal process, our San Antonio Tree Surgeon team takes the appropriate precautions. We wear proper safety gear and clear the area around the tree to prevent injuries and damage to items. We know the proper way to remove trees to minimize the safety risk to our team and those around us. Our methods also help us avoid damage to other elements of your landscape or items you may have nearby, from cars to outdoor furniture. Some of this involves physically removing items and some of it comes from careful cuts and techniques.

In addition to removing the tree, we will clean the mess we create in the process. In other words, we make sure you are not left with random branches spread around your property. We clean up any mess we create during the removal.

Tree Sales

When you decide you want another tree on your landscape, San Antonio Tree Surgeons can assist you with tree sales. All of our trees are healthy and high quality. In addition to selling the trees, we will also gladly offer you advice. We will ask you some simple questions and evaluate your property to see which trees will do best on your Helotes land and meet your needs.

Types Of Tree Trimming

Post Oak Trimmed In Helotes

The next time you need a tree on your Helotes property trimmed, contact San Antonio Tree Surgeons. Tree trimming is among our most popular services. With tree trimming, you can ensure your trees stay out of your way and that they thrive. When done correctly, tree trimming can boost the aesthetics of your landscape while also promoting the health of your trees.

You can use tree trimming to add ground clearance or clearance to park your car by raising the canopy. Tree trimming can also be used to cut down dead or dying limbs that pose a safety risk. We can also trim trees for a range of reasons, such as keeping them away from your roof or power lies.

Our professionals are well-equipped to handle tree trimming. If done incorrectly, tree trimming can be dangerous to you and the tree. Thanks to our extensive training and experience, we know the proper techniques to remain safe and avoid damage to the tree. We know the proper way to make cuts in the tree to promote healing and know the proper precautions to take for safety.

Remember to keep San Antonio Tree Surgeons in mind for all of your tree service needs in Helotes.