Tree Service Leon Valley

At San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we proudly provide tree services to Leon Valley and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our services as well as the variety of services offered. We always do everything within our power to keep your trees healthy and ensure that you are fully satisfied following our services.

Our Tree Services at a Glance

As mentioned, we offer a wide range of Leon Valley tree services. These include stump grinding, arborist services, hedge trimming, tree removal, tree trimming, and tree sales, among others.

Take a closer look at some of these services, as well as others, to get a better feel for how our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team can provide you Leon Valley tree services.

Trimming Trees In Leon Valley

Tree TrimmingMany clients from all over Leon Valley and the surrounding area come to us for tree trimming services. Thanks to extensive training and experience, every member of our team is familiar with the ideal tree trimming techniques. Our experience also extends to the ability to assess your trees with the goal of creating several trimming options. This way, you can choose the one that best works with your needs.

Clients come to us for tree trimming services for a range of reasons. Sometimes, tree trimming is necessary to remove dead or dying branches that pose a fall risk. Other times, it removes diseased or infested parts of the tree before the problem can spread. Tree trimming can also prevent branches from interfering with the roof of your home or power lines, either of which could pose a safety risk in a storm.

Regardless of the reason you need your trees trimmed, our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team always takes the utmost care. We make deliberate cuts that are based on our knowledge of how to reduce stress to the tree and allow it to heal quickly.

Leon Valley Tree Removal

As with trimming trees, our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team can remove them for various reasons. You do not even need a reason other than the fact that you no longer want the tree on your property. Sometimes, our experts will suggest removing a tree that is dying or sick and would be too hard to heal – or could infect other trees.

Thanks to our training and experience, our Leon Valley tree removal services extend to all trees, no matter how large or small. We will always take the proper safety precautions during the removal and clean up fallen branches, twigs, and leaves.

Arborist Services

arborist In Leon ValleyAt San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we have multiple certified arborists on our staff. This allows us to offer certified arborist services to meet varying needs. Our arborists can provide advice on which trees you should plant on your property. Or they can inspect your trees to confirm they are healthy. If you suspect something is wrong with your trees, our certified arborists can determine the problem and create a treatment plan.

Grinding Stumps

Some people like to leave stumps on their property and incorporate it into the landscape. You can get creative and turn the stump into a seat or a table. Many people, however, prefer stump grinding in Leon Valley as this removes the stump thoroughly. We grind the stump down below the surface so you do not have to worry about it posing a safety hazard. Our grinding technique even means that you can plant grass and other plants where the stump used to be, letting this area blend into the rest of your landscape.

Selling Trees

At some point in time, many Leon Valley property owners decide that they want another tree on their property or to add multiple trees. This is yet another area in which San Antonio Tree Surgeons can assist you. We carefully choose our tree sources and inspect all of the trees before selling them.

In addition to selling you new trees for your property, we will also install them for you, with a warranty. Of course, we also make sure that you know how to care for your recently planted tree to maximize its chances of thriving.

If you want, we can also give you advice as you select trees. We can tell you about various options in more detail, including their size when fully grown, levels of shade, watering requirements, and whether they work for your soil. We can even offer suggestions of tree species based on your preferences and property.

Trimming Hedges

Although we specialize in Leon Valley tree services, we also offer hedge trimming. This service helps you maintain your hedges for their health and appearance. Just let us know the height and width you prefer for your hedges and we will trim them to maintain that shape. As with tree trimming, we carefully plan our cuts when trimming hedges to minimize the stress on the plant.

Removing Ball Moss

Ball moss is a fairly common phenomenon in Leon Valley and the surrounding area, and it is yet another area that San Antonio Tree Surgeons can assist you with. We suggest removing it from your trees, and our team can explain why in more detail if you wish. If you have ball moss, we will gladly take care of this removal.

Overcoming Drought

Many Leon Valley residents and property owners worry about drought and how it will affect the health of their trees. During times of drought, we can provide you with advice and care to help your trees overcome the reduction in water. We suggest you think about potential droughts at other times as well, and can let you know which trees are more drought-resistant.

Treating Trees

Our tree treatment services have saved thousands of trees in Leon Valley and the surrounding area. We can help with a range of treatments, from pesticide injections to neem oil sprays to compost tea. Treatment can also include vertical mulching, deep root fertilization, and more.

San Antonio Tree Surgeons has more than 20 years of experience and is licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind while taking care of your Leon Valley tree services.