New Braunfels Tree Service

At San Antonio Tree Surgeons, we are proud to offer New Braunfels property owners with a range of tree services. We will gladly provide all of the tree-related services. As we do so, you will get to take advantage of our over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We strive to not only deliver high-quality services, but to maintain the credentials to back up that service. We maintain our City of San Antonio licensing as a tree service. We also maintain memberships with the ISA and the San Antonio Arborist Association, both of which have strict requirements for members.

You will find four certified arborists on our team. We also ensure that every member of our team, especially our climbers, receives ongoing training directly from arborists. This way, we can always be confident that our team is familiar with and follows the latest ANSI standards as well as tree trimming techniques. You will also get peace of mind when you hire San Antonio Tree Surgeons due to our full insurance.

Our Tree Services

Our New Braunfels tree services at are vast, accommodating all of your tree care needs. Our highly trained and experience team members, including certified arborists can help with tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, hedge trimming, tree treatment, and more.

New Braunfels Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is one of our most popular New Braunfels services. Tree pruning and trimming helps maintain the beauty and health of your trees. Many people mistakenly overlook the importance of this task, but it can promote tree health and longevity.

It is always smart to let professionals handle tree trimming. This job requires you to climb trees and maintain your balance up there while making precise cuts. Because of our team’s extensive training and experience, they are confident working high in the trees. We also use the latest safety gear and our team utilizes our knowledge to carefully prune trees while minimizing damage, shock, or stress.

We prune or trim trees in New Braunfels for many reasons. Some people just wish their tree had a different canopy. Others need us to remove dead branches that pose a fall risk. Yet others need clearance for their driveway or walkway, or for power lines. No matter the reason for your tree trimming, we always provide high-quality, careful services.

Tree Removal In New Braunfels

Our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team typically prefers to leave trees in place, but this is not always possible. Sometimes, our arborists will suggest tree removal to get rid of a dead or dying tree, especially if it has a problem that could spread to other trees. Dead or dying trees could also pose a physical threat to people if a branch were to fall. You may need trees removed for safety reasons, for planned changes to your landscape, or for no reason at all.

We always carefully evaluate your New Braunfels trees before removing them. This allows us to determine the safest removal strategy. We will also give you options to save the tree if possible, if that is something you want.

Safety is always a priority during tree removal. Our team takes the appropriate precautions and uses the proper safety gear. San Antonio Tree Surgeons makes sure to consider our team’s health as well as the safety of those on the ground. We even think about where branches will land and if they could pose a threat to people or objects. Our precautions minimize the risk of injuries and damages.

When we remove the tree, we take care to clean up any mess we made as well. This way, you can have the entire tree gone, without any stray leaves or branches to remind you of it.

Grinding Stumps

Stumps can pose a safety hazard and make your landscape visually unappealing. If you have a stump you no longer want, then our New Braunfels team can remove it via careful stump grinding. This method helps deliver a smooth landscape afterwards, without any holes or trip hazards. In fact, our method lets you use the patch of land just like every other part of your landscape, including plant flowers or grass.

New Braunfels Arborist Services

Certified ArboristsSome tree services require extra knowledge and experience, which is why we offer arborist services. Every member of our team has a high level of training but even that cannot compare to that of certified arborists, who have proved their skills to receive certification.

Certified arborists are able to use their skills, experience, and training to spot problems with your trees, either that may cause damage or already pose a threat. They will also come up with a plan to bring your tree back to health and overcome this potential threat. You should never underestimate the importance of this type of arborist service, since some tree diseases or pests can spread to other trees if left alone.

Our certified arborists have the skills to diagnose any issues early, which maximizes the chances of your trees making a full recovery. Early treatment also tends to be more affordable and less time-consuming.

Treating Trees

Tree Fertilization In New BraunfelsYou can also hire our team for treating trees in New Braunfels. If our arborists notice a disease or pest infestation, they use their training to develop a treatment plan. Treatment services can also include correcting problems such as not giving trees the right amount of water, using harmful pesticides, compacted soil, or improper use of fertilizer.

Tree Planting

For those times when you want to add greenery to your New Braunfels property, San Antonio Tree Surgeons also sells trees. Our trees include a one-year warranty upon installation and are of the highest quality. We carefully vet trees to ensure their condition. We will also gladly offer advice to help you choose the ideal trees for your needs and property.

Trimming Hedges

As the name implies, San Antonio Tree Surgeons focuses on tree services, but we also offer some related services, including trimming hedges. Take advantage of this service to maximize the aesthetic value of your hedges while also promoting their health.

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