New Braunfels Hedge Trimming

Cleaning up your yard

Our hedge trimming and pruning services in New Braunfels will clean up your property and keep it looking kept. It is very common for people to focus on caring for their trees simply because they are larger and could cause more potential damage than a hedge but this does not always create an ideal situation. Hedges can die or lose limbs like a tree does but it is true that this will cause minimal damage to your property. However, hedges do more than provide aesthetic value for your home so if they are unhealthy or die, your entire property may suffer, especially in terms of appearance. Our team of professionals is here to make sure that your hedges are not only healthy but complement your landscape as well.

The Importance of Shaping Your Hedges

As mentioned, when thinking about their landscaping, most people tend to focus on their trees instead of their hedges. This is usually because they feel that trees serve a function whereas hedges are simply there for aesthetic value. While it is true that hedges provide a great deal of beauty to your yard, they also serve other functions you may not have even thought about. The most obvious function of a healthy hedge is to serve as a natural fence outlining your property and separating it from that of your neighbors. Hedges are also a great way to decrease the amount of sound that can approach your home, making it a quieter, more relaxing environment. They do this in two ways: they block the sounds of people walking by and they also decrease the amount of wind that can reach your house and therefore the noise associated with it.

Maintenance Hedge Trimming

Perhaps the most popular of the hedge trimming services that we provide in the New Braunfels area is the regular trimming that is done for maintenance and the health of the hedges. Some homeowners consider doing this task themselves, but it is important to keep in mind that our experience and training mean that our professionals can trim your hedges more efficiently than you would and can ensure that there is no damage to your hedges during the process. Our regular trimmings can help you keep your hedges from overgrowing and blocking the sidewalk or your view.

Formal Hedge Trimming

In addition to regular trimming for maintenance purposes, we also offer formal hedge trimming. This trimming is like our regular hedge services in that it will help keep your hedges healthy and from overgrowing but it is also more involved. Formal trimming allows us to shape your hedges into any specific shape or pattern that you choose whether it is a letter, a special design or simply a curve to allow you to see around the hedge.

Take Advantage Of Experience

While hedge trimming may seem simple at first, it requires some knowledge to know which tools to use as well as to ensure that you do not damage the hedge. Our tree professionals have the training and experience necessary to select the right trimming tools based on the type of hedge you have, pick the ideal time to trim your hedges, and of course complete the actual trimming process.