Tree Service Schertz

San Antonio Tree Surgeons is ready to take care of all your Schertz tree needs. We have more than two decades of experience caring for, planting, trimming, removing, and preforming other services on trees in Schertz and the surrounding area. Our goal has always been to provide the community with a tree service that they can count on to deliver high-quality service from professionals.

Why You Can Count on Our Tree Care Services

We encourage you to make sure that anyone interacting with your trees has the necessary training and experience, since a mistake can put your trees at an increased risk of disease or pests. San Antonio Tree Surgeons has you covered in this respect thanks to the four certified arborists that we have on our team.

We are also licensed by the City of San Antonio as a tree service. To further show our abilities, training, and professionalism, we are members of both the San Antonio Arborist Association and the ISA. Our company also has full insurance, providing you with financial protection along with any of our services.

An Overview of Our Tree Services in Schertz

When it comes to tree service in Schertz, we have you covered, no matter the type of service you need. Just some of our services include tree trimming, tree removal, arborist services, stump grinding, tree sales, hedge trimming, removing ball moss, dealing with drought, and tree treatment.

No matter whether you need just one of these tree services or multiple of them, our team is here to help. There is no project too large or too small for San Antonio Tree Surgeons.

To gain a better understanding of how extensive our Schertz tree services are, take a closer look at some of the more popular services we offer.

Tree Treatment

Tree Treatment On A Tree In Schertz TxWe commonly perform a range of tree treatments, from applying compost tea or neem oil spray to injecting pesticides to vertical mulching to deep root fertilization. Over the years, our tree treatment, including the expert diagnosis combined with expert-formulated treatment plans, has allowed us to save thousands of trees in and around Schertz.

Drought Concerns

Given the climate in Schertz and the rest of the San Antonio area, it is common for property owners to have concerns about droughts, particularly their impact on live oaks. Our team can provide a range of drought services, from examining your trees to confirm whether they are receiving enough water to developing a treatment plan to help them overcome the drought.

If you plan to plant trees and are concerned about future droughts, our arborists can offer suggestions as to which species are best at resisting drought, giving you one less thing to worry about later on.

Ball Moss Removal in Schertz

Our team frequently removes ball moss from Schertz trees as well. Many property owners are unsure as to whether ball moss needs to be removed. It is not a parasite but is an epiphyte. Even so, our team strongly encourages you to remove it from your trees. We will gladly remove that ball moss for you, doing so in a safe manner that limits potential damage to and stress on your trees.

Hedge Trimming

In addition to caring for trees, San Antonio Tree Surgeons can maintain your hedges in Schertz. When your hedges are properly trimmed, it gives your landscape a more manicured appearance. Our team can expertly trim your hedges to the width and height that you prefer to maintain that appearance you want. As with tree trimming, we use our experience and knowledge when hedge trimming to reduce the stress that the process puts on your hedges.

Tree Sales

If you are searching for new trees to plan on your Schertz property, let us assist you with this process. We have a range of high-quality trees ready to be installed. Our team carefully chooses and inspects the trees for sale, maximizing the chances that you will have a healthy tree without disease, pests, or other problems.

In addition to selling the trees, our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team will also install them for you. Our tree planting services even include a warranty when you buy the trees from us.

Tree sales can involve more than just selling you the tree and planting it. If you need help selecting a tree that will do well on your property or meet your preferences, our arborists can offer guidance. We will also ensure you are clear on the care that your newly planted tree needs.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding services are the perfect way to remove any unsightly or dangerous stumps sitting on your Schertz property. Stumps are commonly left behind following tree removal, but our stump grinding service takes care of them for you.

We grind the stump down six inches below the grade. This way, you will be able to grow grass and plants on the area where you previously had a stump and can use it just like the rest of your landscape.

Arborist Services

Schertz certified arboristWith five certified arborists on our team, we will gladly provide you with a range of arborist services. Among the most common of these are diagnosing problems with your trees and creating a treatment plan to help your tree recover.

Tree Removal In Schertz

San Antonio Tree Surgeons is also made up of tree removal experts who are ready to remove dead or unwanted trees safely and efficiently. From small trees to incredibly large ones, we can thoroughly and safely remove any type of tree from your property.

Tree Trimming In Schertz

Tree Trimming in Schertz

One of the most common services we perform in Schertz is tree trimming. Our tree trimming can serve numerous purposes, from promoting the health of the tree to providing clearance for wires to preventing branches from touching your house and more. When we visit to give you an estimate, our team can also offer you various trimming options based on the aesthetics and health of the tree.

No matter the type of property that you own in Schertz and the surrounding areas, keep San Antonio Tree Surgeons in mind for all of your tree service needs.