Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an optional service performed after tree removal. While some people will hire our team to remove the tree, others will attempt to do stump removal themselves afterwards. In some cases you will move to a new property and find an existing stump just sitting there getting in your way. While some people do find creative ways to use a stump or work it into their landscape, that is not always a possibility. The good news is that our team of tree experts in San Antonio can completely remove any tree stump from your property no matter how long it has been there.

Why Grind The Stump

Stump GrindingVery few people manage to find a way to work a leftover tree stump into their landscape and this means that it can disrupt the yard and simply be an annoyance. It can interrupt the beauty of your lawn, be hard to landscape around or even interrupt activities and games you play outside. One of the biggest concerns for parents is the safety hazard that a stump causes. Both adults and children can easily forget the stump exists and crash into it while playing, getting a splinter or a worse injury.

Safe Stump Removal

Stump grinding is much easier than removing a stump by hand. We offer stump grinding services that are completely safe and the mulch can be left over the hole or spread around your landscaping. Every member of our team has the necessary training and knows the proper safety precautions for stump grinding. This will reduce the probability of an accident while grinding a stump at your home or business. In addition, because we are professionals, we have the best equipment available which further ensures the safety of everyone nearby during the removal process and also allows us to accomplish the task quickly and easily.

No Holes Leftover After Stump Grinding

San Antonio stump grindingIf you were to attempt to remove the stump yourself or even if you hired a less experienced professional to do the job for you, you could easily end up with a small piece of stump leftover or even a hole in the ground where it used to be. When you use our stump grinding services, neither of these are a concern. Stump grinding will not only completely remove all signs of where the tree was, but it also allows us to grind several inches (between six and eight) below the ground. This makes sure that most of the roots are removed as well. Even better, the process doesn’t create a hole which is a potential safety hazard.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Stump Grinding

The most common reason that people ask us to remove a stump from their yard is due to aesthetic reasons. It is possible to have a perfect landscape until you need a tree removed and then be left with an unsightly stump in the middle of an otherwise perfect yard. By grinding the stump, we remove this obstruction, bringing your yard back to its former beauty and glory.