Tree Trimming

Our team of professionals provide the highest quality tree trimming in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. Tree pruning helps trees to maintain structure and beauty. Tree trimming is one of the most crucial parts of tree maintenance and should be done regularly. Although it can be tempting to trim trees yourself, you should always contact a professional to do the job. The job takes a great deal of skill so someone unfamiliar with the process may accidentally damage something or even injure themselves. Every member of our team in San Antonio has the proper training and experience to evaluate whether you need to have your trees trimmed and we are trained to do the job properly.

Tree Trimming Project Beginning At The Alamo In San Antonio

Reasons For Tree Trimming

There are a wide range of reasons that people decide to have their trees trimmed with the most common being to improve its health and appearance. Some trees will have dead wood that is impeding their growth and we can help prune that away. It is crucial to trim dead limbs as these have a high risk of falling at which point they may cause damage to your property or even injure someone. If you need us to raise the canopy to provide clearance, we can accomplish that by trimming it as well. Our team can provide these services if you want them for aesthetic reasons like thinning out your tree’s branches.

Always Hire Professional Tree Trimmers

Completed Tree Trimming In San Antonio

As mentioned, some people think they can save money by pruning their trees themselves but it is not as easy as it looks. Without the proper experience you can damage the tree or injure yourself. If you were to just cut off random branches to thin out a tree or raise its canopy, you may end up damaging it and stunting its future growth.

Our Tree Climbers

Our staff knows how to remove branches and limbs in a way that is safe for us, the trees and you as well as your property. The years of experience we have providing this tree service in San Antonio means that you can rest assured that we will accomplish your tree trimming goal without risking the safety of anyone.

Our San Antonio Tree Pruning Services

When we are trimming a tree for you, we always take special care to avoid damages. This means that we avoid removing certain limbs from healthy trees. Instead we focus on trimming dead or dying portions of it as these may fall off and damage your home or cause injuries. We also remove portions of the tree which are infected with insects or a disease as that may spread to the entire tree, necessitating its complete removal.

Additional Trimming

Although we focus on removing unhealthy or dangerous branches, we are more than happy to help you cut away any branches that are in your way. This may mean allowing room for power lines or simply raising the canopy to allow your car to easily pass underneath. In some cases we may also suggest trimming a healthy tree if it is large as reducing the weight on the branches makes breakage less likely.