Universal City Tree Service

San Antonio Tree Surgeons is here to offer all the Universal City tree services you need. Our company has two decades of experience behind us, during which time we have planted, removed, trimmed, and otherwise cared for trees in Universal City and the surrounding area. No matter the services being provided, our team always strives to provide high-quality tree services that you can trust.

Why Count on Us Our Tree Services

It is easy to make a mistake when working with trees, which can result in damage to the tree or even personal injury. Because of this, we encourage everyone to ensure that the tree professionals you hire have the necessary experience and knowledge to care for your trees. With four certified arborists on our team, as well as a high level of training for the rest of our staff, San Antonio Tree Surgeons is always ready to deliver that professional, knowledgeable service.

To give you even more reasons to count on us, consider that the City of San Antonio licensed San Antonio Tree Surgeons as a tree service. We are also in the ISA and the San Antonio Arborist Association. We are also fully insured, so you do not have to worry about financial protection during our services.

Our University City Services

No matter the type of Universal City tree services you need, we will be able to assist you. Some of the more popular services we offer include tree removal, arborist services, tree trimming, removing ball moss, hedge trimming, tree sales, stump grinding, tree treatment, and dealing with drought.

San Antonio Tree Surgeons can handle projects of any size, whether they are large, small, or somewhere in between. We can also take care of multiple types of tree service at the same time, depending on your situation.

Take a closer look at the most popular tree services we offer in Universal City.

Treating Trees

Trees We Are Treating In Universal CityOur team is familiar with a range of treatments for trees. We apply neem oil spray and compost. We inject pesticides. We take care of vertical mulching. We deep fertilize roots, and more. Thanks to the hard work of our team and our expert-formulated treatments for trees, we have saved thousands of Universal City trees, including trees in the surrounding areas.

Dealing with Drought

Because of the Universal City climate, property owners are frequently concerned about drought and how that may impact their trees, especially live oaks. Our San Antonio Tree Surgeons team offers a selection of drought-related services. We can examine the trees on your property to let you know if they have enough water. When a drought is ongoing, we can create a plan to give your trees as much of the nutrients and water they need as possible.

Our drought services also extend to helping you choose trees to plant that are more likely to be able to withstand future droughts. Our certified arborists can help with this.

Removing Ball Moss

One of our many services at San Antonio Tree Surgeons is removing ball moss from trees. It is common to wonder whether this should be removed, since it is not a parasite. There are actually several reasons that our arborists suggest removing ball moss and they will gladly go over them with you in more detail. When you have ball moss that needs to be removed from your Universal City property, we will do so safely, minimizing the stress on your tree.

Trimming Hedges

Universal City property owners can turn to San Antonio Tree Surgeons for more than just caring for trees. We also provide hedge trimming services, which can help improve the appearance of your landscape. At the same time, trimming can promote the health of your hedges, helping them continue to block out road noise and provide other benefits for your home.

Let us know the width and height you prefer for your hedges and we will take care of the rest. As with trees, we always make careful cuts when trimming hedges, as we want to minimize the stress on the plant.

Selling Trees

When you want new Universal City trees for your property, we can assist with this as well. We have a vast selection of trees, all of which are high-quality. This lets you select the features you want in a tree, such as whether it bears fruit and/or flowers, its size when fully grown, its water requirements, its soil requirements, and the amount of shade it provides. To make it easier to choose from so many trees, our certified arborists will gladly offer you suggestions based on your preferences.

Additionally, all of our trees for sale have been inspected to ensure they are in healthy. This gives us the confidence needed to offer a warranty on our tree sales that we install for you. We want you to be able to rest easy knowing that your new tree is free from problems like pests or disease.

Grinding Stumps

Universal City Stump GrindingSometimes, tree removal leaves a stump behind. You can incorporate those stumps into your landscape but many people prefer to just have the stump removed, leaving a fresh patch of dirt or grass behind. Universal City stump grinding allows for this, as our process goes below the grade. When we are done, the ground can grow grass or even other plants, so no one will even know there was a stump there.

Certified Arborists In Universal City

Since San Antonio Tree Surgeons features four certified arborists, we are perfectly equipped to offer certified arborist services. As mentioned, our arborists can help you choose the right trees to plant on your property. They can also diagnose problems with your trees and come up with a treatment plant to bring those trees back to full health.

Tree Removal In Universal City

If you no longer want a tree on your property or our arborists suggest you remove it for safety or health reasons, our team can safely remove it for you. We always take the proper safety precautions and make it a point to leave your property clean.

Tree Trimming In Universal City

Tree Trimming In Universal CityWe also commonly provide Universal City tree trimming. This trimming can help prevent trees from interfering with your home or wires or from blocking walkways. Trimming may also be done for the health of the trees or others nearby or for aesthetic reasons.

When you are in need of Universal City tree services, contact our team at San Antonio Tree Surgeons.